August 1, 2017
September 5, 2017



It is a common perception that a nomadic lifestyle is a carefree one. That by buying a van and setting to the open road all of your worldly troubles suddenly disappear. Truth be told it is not our lifestyle which gives us personal freedom, it is our mindset, and the day to day beliefs we carry on our journey. To change your lifestyle you must first change your mindset, embrace the unknown and be willing to take things as they come. Are you ready for that? Here’s a list of the main mental blocks that must be overcome on the path to living a nomadic lifestyle.



1. Expectations 


  • External Influences – Friends and loved ones although well-meaning can often speak from a place of fear, warning you of all the risks and question marks around a nomadic lifestyle. Are you willing to sacrifice your life to satisfy others, and live according to their beliefs?  Remember each of us is different, what’s good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.


  • Personal Circumstances – Don’t let your circumstances be an excuse to stop you from living a nomadic lifestyle. Still want to study? think about enrolling online. Want to have a family? there are plenty of families with young children living a nomadic lifestyle, check out how Luke and Rachel raise their daughter Charlotte on the road here.


  • Personal Goals – Think about what you expect of yourself, what is the driving force behind your decisions? Are your goals and actions a reflection of your soul, or are they based on a model of success that society has imprinted on your psyche? Write down your three top life goals and what motivates these desires, sometimes we need to reflect to reassess our priorities. Set yourself achievable goals, one of the main things that prevent those who wish to live a nomadic lifestyle is unrealistic goals. It can be very difficult to break from your current lifestyle if you are trying to reach goals unrealistic goals.



     2. Money


  • Security – The most common question asked about living a nomadic lifestyle is where does the money come from? We say working! It may be a random summer job, freelancing or a temp position. Anything that fits in with your new flexible lifestyle. You have to be willing to shift your thinking around abundance, limiting yourself by saying ‘it’s hard to get a job’ is self-sabotage. Think of this as an adventure to open your mind to opportunities along the way.


  • Value – A little money can go a long way. People living a nomadic lifestyle are generally very resourceful beings, given they understand the value of money. Not attaching too much value to material things is a key ingredient to living a nomadic lifestyle. Now make a list of your expected expenses while living on the road. Categorise the items into wants and needs, this will help to clarify the things that are necessary to survive and the things you can live without. Congratulations, you are now thinking like a minimalist.



  • Simplicity – The best things in life really are free. Start appreciating the small things, hear the whistle of the morning birds, watch the sun rise and appreciate the smile of a kind stranger you meet on your travels. Digital entertainment and overpriced dinners don’t compare to the joys of nature which come at no cost. Furthermore, don’t give up. Being able to enjoy the simple things in life takes practice, it doesn’t come overnight. Those of us who are capable of living a nomadic lifestyle have spent years  learning to appreciate the simple things.



    3. Time

Slow down, take it easy and take it all in, a nomadic lifestyle can be a slow one. We humans seem to be in a race against time, spending most of our lives being busy. A nomadic lifestyle gives you the opportunity to run on your own time and find your unique flow. It takes a while to unwind and become accustomed to having no schedule or the need to set an alarm. Rising with the sun, getting back in touch with the elements and freeing yourself of the man made concept of the ever ticking clock can be one of the most fulfilling ways to live. Here’s a plan, don’t make one and see where the road leads.

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